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Sealcoating preserves asphalt by protecting against oxidation, moisture, and chemicals.  A properly sealed driveway will protect your investment and save you money. This service should be performed every one to three years to ensure the best results.

New Life Sealcoating uses only the highest quality coal tar pitch emulsion sealer, fortified with rubber, providing a heavy duty coating meeting or exceeding all state and federal specifications.  FSA, a sealer additive, is also added which makes the sealer dry faster, dry blacker, and adds longer life and is more skid resistant. The sealcoat is then applied by hand-held squeegees, NOT sprayed on, assuring uniform thickness and coverage.  The results are a durable long lasting surface.

Crack filling

Oxidation from the sun, water penetration, freeze/thaw cycle, and a poor paving job may cause cracks. To prevent the need for major repairs all cracks should be filled and smoothed. This service should be performed on a annual basis to ensure a well-maintained driveway or lot. 

New Life Sealcoating uses Tru-Guard crackfiller, which is a cold pour crack filler used for filling hairline to one-inch cracks.

Patchwork / repairs / paving

Patching is a common repair for potholes. Potholes occur when water seeps into the pavement through unsealed cracks.  When the water freezes, it expands and enlarges the crack.  As the ice under the pavement melts, a void is created, and potholes are formed. 

When the damage is caught early enough and as long as the problem does not result from and extensive deficiency in the original black top paving job, repairs can be made with cut and pach paving methods.  The defective area is cut square beyond the damage, ripped out, regraded, and repaved. 

New Life Sealcoating uses cold patch asphalt for repairing small size holes. 

Power sweeping 

Power Sweeping prolongs pavement life. Sand and dirt can act as an abrasive and will shorten the lifespan of the pavement, sealcoating, and markings. Cleanliness not only creates curb appeal, but is a highly ranked factor in determining where people shop.

New Life's trained professional operators use state of the art Regenerative Air Sweeper trucks that produce unsurpassed results. New Life Sealcoating is committed to excellence, and dedicated to  maintaining the highest of standards for the power sweeping industry.


A parking lot is the first thing customers, clients, and visitors notice when entering a facility. A well marked parking area directs people safely, improves traffic circulation, and increases capacity.

New life sealcoating uses the finest paint available from Sherwin Williams.

All services include:

Driveway/lot cleaned of all debris, grass edged, oil spots primed and barricade upon completion.